nyc velo


Neighborhood bike shop thrives on and off-line

NYC Velo started as a small bike shop in the east village of NYC and as many other shops have closed their doors or lost business, they have opened two other shops and a thriving online shop. Most bike shops don't think about what differentiates there shop or brands and we sought to capitalize on the location and its storied history.  We wanted to associate the brand with Downtown and NYC, the shop is two blocks from the old CBGBs and Basquiat and Keith Haring lived blocks away. So we made  stickers, hangtags and bags and a line of clothing each season, that attracted a lot of attention online. Creative photo shoots that attract a lot of attention online. We produced books and posters for the shop and a barge of images online to give the flavor of NYC Velo cycling.

Jersey sales are up many times over and each sales has the added bonus of  promoting the store often on the customers social media. it also brings customers into the store.


Because of their thriving presence in the online cycling community and their east village inspired jerseys and accessories they are selling downtown NYC cycling to new fans all over the world and cycling enthusiasts who visit NYC now make a point of visiting the store.   

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