Where others could not, Ostroy could. They began by
re-establishing our identity to define Greg LeMond as contemporary, but with deep roots in cycling heritage—in other words, just what we needed. Alex’s imagination and creative problem solving produced innovative designs and helped bring new products to life.
— Greg LeMond
Ostroy’s work is always unique and cutting edge and it has brought Hincapie a lot of positive attention over the years. Hincapie Sportswear has a lot more shine thanks to their efforts.
— George Hincapie,
We’re working with Ostroy because they are the best creatives in cycling in America and among the very best in the world. They took our fledgling brand and made it into an internationally recognizable brand.
— Uli Fluhme, GFNY
It was refreshing to have someone come to us with new ideas and a step by step plan who really understood our business. As a result our local bike shop now has national and even international customers and a newly thriving online business selling NYC cycling to the rest of the world.
— Andrew Crooks, NYC Velo